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Werewolf Transylvania is a custom game within Warcraft 3 that is fully automated through the use of an AI. The game supports a minimum of 3 players and a max of 8 players. The game uses the secret murderer design mechanic. This mechanic designates one player with the secret goal to kill the other players through the use of a pre-determined algorithm that assigns roles based on skill level, preference, and play time.

The truth of the beast is dark, if a werewolf seems to be murderous and monstrous, it is not because of the part of them that is animal, but because of the part of them that is a man. Only humans kill for sport.

Pg. 21 An Excerpt from the Hunters Diary of John the Younger

The People of Transylvania and The Werewolf

The Villager lives in Transylvania with his charming wife, his adosolent sons, furry companion, and lumberjack day-laborers. The Villager protects his family through hard earned gold to hire other people to protect him.'


Villagers are incredibly weak in comparison to the zombie and werewolf classes by themselves and as such must build bases, raise armies, and gain skills with which they will hunt the Werewolf and defend themselves from the minions of the dark.


The Villager's Wife is his faithful companion. Requiring only that he acquire a Plantation for her to join him and that he keep her safe as she can never be replaced. Though she loves children, she sets a firm limit at no more than 6 and has an understandable phobia of Necromancers.


The Dog is the Villager's best friend and companion. He adopts the Villager once the Villager has a farm. If this lovable mutt is killed have no fear as you can always get another. The Dog is an excellent tracker and can hunt animals very well, getting progressively stronger with each new kill.


The Lumberjacks are trained laborers that can be hired through the Tent, Farm, or Plantation and are the likely father(s) of all the Villagers sons. When the alarm is sounded these lumberjacks will take up arms as miltia and attempt to help defend the homestead and hearth.

Adolescent Male

Shortly after the Villager gets a wife a steady stream of sons follow. They grow from children to full grown men in a matter of minutes and can then immediately be put to work with such tasks as helping with the farming, collecting chicken eggs, gathering lumber, making small repairs, building fences, and finishing construction on buildings the Villager has already started on. Unlike their mother no son is irreplaceable though each family will have a max of 6 sons at a time.

The Soldiers

Soldiers are units that can available to be trained once a blacksmith has been built and the barracks is unlocked. Without soldiers it is unlikely any player will survive against the Wolf.


The Werewolf is chosen randomly at the first night from the pool of current living villagers. The Werewolf only transforms into his werewolf state during the night. When the sun rises, the Werewolf transforms back into his villager form. Werewolf Minions spawn as the Werewolf infects animals, monsters, and humans alike

Zombie (Wandering Cadaver)

Zombies are a creature of vengeance and retribution. When a villager dies they are not forced to leave they game but instead become a spirit to travel the map. This spirit may choose to take physical form by possessing almost any unit, killing the unit, and spawning a Hero-Type Zombie that allows the player to continue playing the game.

The Animals Transylvania is home to many animals. Those animals can be hunted for their pelts which are used to fashion items, or the pelts sold out right. At night the Werewolf hunts the animals that have been untouched by human hands and infects them with his curse. Scattered throughout Transylvania are legendary beasts that offer unique rewards for their capture, or large sums of gold for the trophy proving their death.

The Professions of Transylvania


All Villagers have to make a decision to choose between the entry level professions of Farming or Fishing, and the advanced professions which are meant for more skilled players of Hunting, Merchantry, Forging, Brewing, and Crafting. This is done to earn abilities which help to fight the Werewolf and minions and to generate an economy that is needed to raise an army to hunt the Werewolf during the day and defend your villager from the Werewolf at night.


Allows the villager to fish and where the fishing rod and bait can be found at Shops, Markets and Merchants. Typically unlocks Fish Net and submerge.


Allows the villager to plant crops and raise animals. Typically results in Scarecrow and Awesomeness.


Allows the villager to attack and kill neutral animals that roam the map. This is done for gold, experience, and pelts. Typically results in Spearshot and awesomeness and has good synergy with crafting.


Allows for the villager to gain gold and iron to craft individual passive upgrades for the villager and clock work villagers.


Allows for items to be built that offer individual bonuses, aura bonuses, and increase attack or defensive capabilities.


Allows for potions to be created through a combination of crops grown through farming and items bought at Shops, Markets and Merchants. Typically unlocks the Toxic Bomb ability.


Allows the villager to invest a set gold amount for a guaranteed return on icon. Typically results in the transmute ability.

The Buildings of Transylvania


The Villager will raise a small village as days progress. He will build farms from nothing, rock wells from lumber, and stone walls from wood and gold. Building in Transylvania is basically alchemy.


A canvas tent decorated with strange markings.
(Serves as a drop off point for lumber, and a place to sell items).
A bigger farm, used to house more peasants and receive gathered resources
+Hitpoints, +2 Unit Cargo (4 total)
Upgrades to Plantation.
PlantationThe even bigger farm house used to house your peasants, and gives the villager a wife and eventual children. +Hitpoints, +2 Armor, +Upgrades, +Espoinage.

Grain Silo

A tall, cylindrical tower used for storing grain, animal feed, or other materials.
Serves as a drop off point for Lumber and Crop.
Wind Mill
A building with a set of wind-driven revolving blades attached to the site of its roof that drive a grinding machine inside.
+Hit Points
+New tech.


A building which houses livestock, and stores seeds.
Provides Livestock and Seeds.


A building used to make upgrades to improve your units.
Upgrades for Armoured Units.

War Tower

This military structure allows you to hire shielded, mounted or ranged units.
Produces Offensive Units.


Towering lighthouse to signal those who wish to barter for your wares.
Serves as the hub of the Merchant career.

Chicken Coop

A small wooden den for your fragile chicken and their precious eggs.
+Production of Chicken Eggs that can be gathered and sold.

Defensive Buildings

Defensive buildings are comprised of the Tent, Walls, Gates, Towers and are used to prevent the Werewolf from gaining access to the interior of the Villager's base and to aid in the repealing of the Werewolf and the minions of the Werewolf when attacked.

Map Environment & Game Data


The land of Translyvania is known for its rich history, its lush forests, and its day long seasons. Transylvania can be conveniently reached by boat or shipwreck and is home to many monsters, violent people, and humble Fisherman.
  • Ranked Games Werewolf Transylvania uses an automated ranking system that computes elo of its players. Elo, with a few exceptions, is not computed for players whose account has less than 7 hours of game play to prevent abuse of the Elo system.
  • Commands Werewolf Transylvania has a number of commands that effect game-play in and out of game.
  • Events Werewolf Transylvania has a number of random events that can help or hinder players as they try to survive.
  • The Monsters & Mobs Just as random events occur so do random monsters and mobs spawn. They can be farmed for gold and experience, or avoided if too powerful.
  • Weather Transylvania has variable weather that effects both vision and farming.
  • Day/Night Cycle Werewolf Transylvania operates on a Day/Night cycle for gameplay. The Wolf owns the night.
  • The Player Killers The land of Transylvania struggles with many Werewolf sympathizers and madmen.
  • Shops, Markets and Merchants Many shops can be found across the land with interesting items and wares.

Tactics and Survival Tips


The land of Translyvania offers many opportunities for growth, career advancement, and professional development. With a little bit of guidance, any villager can be sent on their way with enough knowledge to start their own settlement and defend themselves from any dangers that might arise.'

These Villager and Werewolf guides are in no way, shape, or form, meant or written to be a comprehensive how to go, but rather as a rough foundation that new players can build upon as they learn the game

Playing as Villager

Day 1 Basic Defender Guide
Night 1 Basic Defender Guide
Day 2 Basic Defender Guide
Night 2 Basic Defender Guide
Day 3 Basic Defender Guide
Night 3 Basic Defender Guide
Day 4 and Beyond

Playing as Werewolf

Day 1 Werewolf Basic Guide
Night 1 Werewolf Basic Guide
Day 2 Werewolf Basic Guide
Night 2 Werewolf Basic Guide
Day 3 Werewolf Basic Guide
Night 3 Werewolf Basic Guide
Day 4 Werewolf and Beyond

Tips and Tricks

Early Gold Scavenging
Mushroom Boosting
Worm Holes
Safe Houses
Hunting the Werewolf
Easy Mistakes To Make
Animal Spawning

Secrets of Transylvania

Secrets of Transylvania

Werewolf Transylvania has many secrets for villagers to discover. Some are benign, tomes of power to provide experience to villagers, and secret treasures caches filled with gold. Others offer powerful auras or even bestow the favor of great and terrible monsters to serve on behalf of the villager, or even to serve the Wolf. Over the years throughout the various iterations of the game those secrets have been altered for balancing reasoning. This was done with the intention of balancing the game to prevent older players from abusing secrets to achieve sizable power spikes early in game-play.


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