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Status Page

The Status Page constantly updates with in-lobby data ranging from IGN, Games Played, Games and Wins by Type, and Country.


Werewolf Transylvania Wiki is using MediaWiki as the engine. Design theme is based on Splash Skin heavily changed by Falanor.
The source of inspiration for creating the Wiki belongs to Kidseatfree who created Werewolf Academy Discord channel to share basic tactics and tips about the gameplay of Werewolf Transylvania which now resides in Tactics and Survival Tips section. Most of informational content was added by him also.

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We invite everyone to help us improve this Wiki!

If you decide to help, please register on the wiki, then join our official Discord channel and ask Falanor to give you permission for editing (you can write in offline too, he will answer soon).
Dont be shy, we will be very happy to have you on board :)

Some Resources for Wiki Development:

Examples of Images, videos and text formatting
Wiki Contributor Resources
(Outdated) Plan of Wiki Layout